Beurs ECCMID Copenhagen voor ESCMID leden met abstract in parasitologie


De ESCMID Study Group for Clinical Parasitology vergoedt voor 5 ESCMID-leden met een geaccepteerd abstract over een parasitologisch onderwerp een travel- and attendance grant van 1000 euro:

The ESCMID Study Group for Clinical Parasitology is happy to announce the possibility of applying for an attendance and travel grant for ECCMID 2023 in Copenhagen. The ESGCP will support five ESCMID Members with accepted abstracts in the field of parasitology with 1000 euros each. We will give preference to attendees from Low- and Lower-middle income countries and strive to keep a gender balance.

Applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

·       Be ESCMID Member

·       Be member of the ESGCP

·       Attend on-site and be the presenter of an accepted abstract for ECCMID 2023

Please send your abstract, CV and a motivational letter (max 500 words) to the ESGCP secretary Jaya Shrivastava:

The deadline for the grant application is 15th February 2023


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